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Prepare for a bright future with our comprehensive
coaching for 11th standard bifocal courses in Electronics,
Computer Science, and Information Technology.

12th Standard

Excel in your academic journey with our coaching for
12th standard bifocal courses in Electronics, Computer
Science, and Information Technology.

Our Star Students of 2022-2023

Shreya Gangatirkar
Shreya Gangatirkar

(Computer Science)

Swapna Khare
Swapna Khare

(computer science)

Karishma Chidgupkar
Karishma Chidgupkar

(Computer Science)

Aarush Joshi
Aarush Joshi

(Computer Science)

Vyonkesh Vyas
Vyonkesh Vyas

(Computer Science)

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We provide Theory & Practical coaching along with  Practical guidance and Project development as per the requirement from the student end.


Our experienced faculty, with over 15+ years of teaching experience, is dedicated to delivering the best knowledge in the subjects of Electronics and Computer Science.


At Systronics Academy, we are committed to providing quality education and empowering students with the knowledge and skills


By earning a certification from our computer science and electronics coaching classes, students can enhance their career prospects and gain a competitive edge in the job market.

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Our Team

M.Sc. in Electronic Science

Mrs. Shruti Joshi

Founder & Instructor

Shruti Joshi is a highly qualified faculty member with a strong background in Electronic Science. Her deep understanding of the subject allows her to effectively convey complex concepts to students.

M.Phil. in Information Technology, M.Sc. in Computer Application

Deepali Bhoskar

Founder & Instructor

Deepali Bhoskar is a dedicated faculty member who specializes in Information Technology and Computer Applications. With her extensive knowledge and experience, she ensures that students receive the highest quality education.

Dr. Varsha Bapat
Ph.D. in Electronic Science, M.Sc. in Electronic Science, SET, DFS

Dr. Varsha Bapat

Advisor & Counsellor

Dr. Varsha Bapat brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our academy. With her extensive experience in the field of Electronic Science.


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I had a great experience learning at Systronics Academy. My college was not teaching basic concepts of electronics properly, so I joined this academy. The teachers are very friendly and explains all the basic concept of electronics. I will highly recommend students of electronics to join this academy to score good marks.
Nishad Utpat
The electronics class helped me a lot in understanding the topics. It cleared many of my concepts which I previously assumed to be confusing. I’d like to express my gratitude to the teachers who taught eagerly and with enthusiasm which encouraged me along the way.
Sayali Doiphode
It was a good experience being a part of this class. The teachers are very experienced, they had answers to all my questions. They also arranged good seminars for our practical and final board's. Thank you for your support.
Ameeta Agrawal
I loved studying in Systronics Academy. The teachers here are very good and interactive. They helped me in clearing my doubts and achieve good score in Computer Science

Systronics Academy

Quality education and Imparting knowledge based learning is our moto!!!

We at Systronics Academy are bound for Quality Education with Student Centric Learning support.

Our academy offers coaching for 11 th and 12th Bifocal courses which include Electronics and Computer science. Along with this we provide coaching for 11 th and 12th IT (Information Technology) course also. We offer coaching for B.Sc (Computer Sc) , Engineering as well as BCA courses. We provide Theory & Practical coaching along with Practical guidance and Project development as per the requirement from the student end.

We have expert faculty team with more than 15+ years of teaching experience in the field of Electronics and Computer Science. The faculty is eager to deliver best knowledge in the subject with appropriate clarification of basic concepts which can also be useful for the students in their future career. We are located in Kothrud area which is a prominent educational hub.

Along with Regular batches we have  Crash courses for all the above mentioned courses and conduct Test series for revision purpose. We guide the students to improve their writing skills and explain techniques for facing board / University examinations with confidence. Personal
counseling and stress relieving sessions are arranged for the students to improve their academic performances. We guide every student for their Academic planning and Time management for their smooth study cycle.

Personal academic Counseling is another specialty of our academy which includes academic confidence building, Time management and other aspects to raise the students’ academic excellence.

Higher education guidance is provided to the students in association with a reputed Higher education Counseling firm “.edu” (Link here) , where  guidance for careers and Higher studies abroad is provided on demand.

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